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TrakTime Mobile

25 October, 2017

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We have put a big effort into improving TrakTime Mobile over the last year and we are now ready to announce our progress.  

We want to make it easier for the busy professional to enter time and expense away from the office.  We believe this will result in more accurate reporting of the time you spend serving your clients.

TrakTime Mobile is TrakTime Web for smartphones and devices and works with both Android and iOS devices.  Where TrakTime Web is organized around the work of the week, TrakTime Mobile is focused on the work of today.  TrakTime Mobile runs on a website, is not an app taking up resources on your device and requiring updates to keep current.  

That said, we have provided an app for Android users and a smart icon for Apple users that facilitates launching the website.  The Android app, available on the Google Play Store (search for ttmobile), will prompt you for ID and Password the first time you use it and then store your credentials and bypass the login screen on subsequent uses.   

Apple decided that this was too simple to be approved as an iOS application (Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave) and suggested we rewrite the website program to run in native mode on the iDevice.  We rejected this suggestion.  Instead we have created what is called a smart icon that can be downloaded and installed by following the directions here .  If you tell Safari to remember your password, it will work almost, but not quite, as well as the Android application.

So what else have we done to improve TrakTime Mobile? We have

  • Made its operation much faster and smoother
  • Improved the lookup capability for clients, projects, and work codes
  • Improved the submit capability and reporting

The design concept for TrakTime Mobile was not to reproduce the functionality for TrakTime Web in its entirety, but to provide a useful interface for smartphones and devices for the professional on the go.  You can fill out your timesheet and make notes on your meetings as you move about town – or when you are working at a client site with no Internet.  All that is needed is a 3G or 4G cellular connection — or WiFi of course.  No need to wait until you get back to the office to fire up your laptop or workstation.  

We welcome your comments here as you use TrakTime Mobile.

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