man1Sam Allred, partner in a large CPA firm and consultant to the industry, writes as follows:

“At our firm, we’ve learned that with some effort, our existing processes can be improved significantly.  More importantly, we’ve realized that the quality, consistency, and reliability of those repeatable business events in large measure drives who we are right now as a firm and what we’ll become in the future.”

Commercial Logic is focused on helping professional services companies improve their internal processes, including timely delivery of key indicators to management.  We do this in three ways:

  1. Helping firms update and improve their internal processes through our Practice Review consultation and recommendations. We find that this review pays for itself quickly and, as the gains recur each cycle, provides a solid long-term return on investment.
  2. Supplying firms with practice management software that fits their particular needs and vision for growth. Commercial Logic offers three separate and distinct products depending on the requirements of the company.
  3. As the ROI is in the implementation, we work closely with management to optimize the use of the selected product.


  • APS Advance: a full suite of products built around a workflow core. Includes a business intelligence system that provides management with easily modified reports, charts, and dashboards. Scales to handle the largest companies.  Offered on-premises.
  • PowerPM Hosted Solution: offered in the cloud, PowerPM includes due date tracking and budgeting and scheduling as add-in applications. Designed for the mid-range firms.
  • TrakTime Central: a time-billing system closely integrated with QuickBooks. Primarily for smaller firms.  Currently offered as an on-premises application with a hosted solution coming soon.

All our software products are priced by the size of the company and hence affordable.

Are your internal procedures as effective as they might be?

Does your current system give you a timely alert if a large engagement starts to go off the rails?

Give us a call to discuss your situation.  We can help!

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