Practice Review

Practice Review


Practice Review – helping firms identify and solve internal bottlenecks and inefficiencies, thereby
maximizing return on IT and personnel investment.
What is Practice Review? It is an onsite consultation with your operators, timekeeping professionals,
billers, administrators, IT group, and management.
What is the goal of Practice Review? To understand your current internal administrative practices and
flow of information, then propose improvements to increase efficiency and productivity as well as the
quality of information.
Is it difficult to find areas to improve? Not to the trained eye looking in from outside. Internal
procedures tend to take on a life of their own. It is not uncommon to find time consuming practices
based on artificial requirements of systems no longer in place still being rigorously enforced.
Couldn’t we do it ourselves? Certainly, examining your procedures and workflow is something that you
ought to undertake on a regular basis.
So why should we engage Commercial Logic?
We have a wealth of experience working with accounting and consulting companies and are able to
draw on a store of best practices that can fit into your operation; ideas you can use.
We are experts in your software and can quickly match a feature to a requirement.
Perspective, it takes a fresh look to see things that you may be too close to observe.
We can do this faster and more efficiently than you can yourselves, delivering better results and saving
you time, Guaranteed.
What is the end-product of the engagement?
A meeting scheduled with management at the end of the review to discuss our findings and to test our
suggestions against your own ideas and visions for the future.
A written report incorporating the items discussed above.
Ongoing telephone and Go To Meeting consultation on the matters raised in the engagement.

The End result is a more efficient and informative use of your existing systems and personnel, saving
you time and focusing energies in more productive and rewarding activities.

What is the cost? $3,000 plus travel expenses will buy one day of onsite consultation plus a half-day to
compile a written report. Additional onsite time is available at $1,000 per half-day. The consultation may
also be combined with training or other services at the same rate.

How can I obtain more information about Practice Review for my firm? Call 603-643-1900 or

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