Performance Improvements at the CLI Hanover Datacenter

Performance Improvements at the CLI Hanover Datacenter

14 December, 2016

NEWS RELEASE – Performance Improvements at the CLI Hanover Datacenter

We have been working for some time to improve performance for both the PowerPM Hosted Solution and TrakTime Web. Specifically,
• We doubled the available memory on the host ESXi server
• We installed a new array of Solid State Drives (SSDs) and moved critical databases to those drives
• Last week we acquired a new Dell server with two Xeon CPUs running at 3.33 GHz (that’s fast).

These chips not only run fast but are divided internally into six cores or virtual CPUs, giving a total of twelve. Early on the morning of December 13 we moved TrakTime Web and PowerPM Hosted Solution to the new server and the initial results have been gratifying. In benchmark tests large PowerPM reports were finishing in less than one-half the time they had taken previously.

The performance improvements for TrakTime Web are not as dramatic, but are noticeable. We have just begun to tune that system and we are expecting better results in the near future. In addition we are working on a software upgrade to TrakTime Web that we expect will make that system significantly faster. We will keep you posted.

As you review and experience the new processing power, please leave a comment on this blog with your feedback or email your comments to

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