New Release November 24, 2014

New Release November 24, 2014

24 November, 2014

 PowerPM Automated Reporting

Inspired by a managing partner using PowerPM, we have designed and initiated a whole new reporting methodology.

This managing partner told us that he wanted to be able to review each staffer’s time entries for the day after 7:30 in the evening.  There were several difficulties: there was no report that surveyed the individual TrakTime databases, such a report would have to be run after everyone had gone home, and he did not want to have to connect back into the office network and run it himself. He just wanted the report emailed to him with as little fuss as possible, even though there was no facility to email reports within PowerPM.

So we got to work and with some effort delivered a custom PowerPM report that would extract that day’s time entries.  Further, the report could also be launched by Windows Task Scheduler and could deliver, by email,  an Excel report to each staff supervisor showing just the staff reporting to that supervisor. The managing partner tells us that this allows him to stay abreast of each person’s work and to provide support where and when it is needed. I don’t need to tell you the benefits of that.

Back at Commercial Logic, we understood those benefits and we got to work extending and improving on our original customization.  It was quite an effort, but we now have an initial release of what we are calling Automated Reports.  This includes the Timesheets Report described above, the Aged WIP and Detailed WIP reports, and another new report, the WIP and AR Flash report.  Designed to run on a daily basis, it shows production, billings, cash receipts, and adjustments period-to-date and provides the prior year totals for comparison.

These four reports may be

  • Scheduled to run unattended
  • Automatically broken up into separate reports for each partner or manager
  • Delivered to each partner or manager via email

We expect to be adding to the list of reports that employ these advanced features and we are interested in your suggestions after you have tried Automated Reports and seen what these can do.

We are pricing Automated Reports at $100 per licensed timekeeper, but making an introductory offer at $50/timekeeper for the next 30 days to December 10.

I have attached a one-page brochure on Automated Reporting.  Please call us to learn more and to place an order.


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