About Us

Our Mission

We at Commercial Logic focus on quality service and best practice solutions to help accounting firms manage their clients, engagements, and staff more effectively.

Each firm is different and each requires a careful analysis to identify and configure the right solutions to meet its particular needs. Too often, firms become servants of their software. We believe the software should serve the firm.

Commercial Logic has specialized in practice management software for CPA firms since 1983, providing the tools and services required to manage successful practices. Commercial Logic, Inc. is privately owned and operated with offices in Hanover and Dover, NH.

Our Values

Integrity is the essence. This encompasses all we do, from standing behind our work to having forthright conversations even when the subjects are difficult.

Seek to add value in every situation. This is the heart of our business model. We add value through our general expertise in the accounting profession, business management and through our specific expertise in the products and services we offer.

Play win-win in every business relationship. This means a good deal for our clients as well as for Commercial Logic. Our work is not a competition to see who can come out best, it is an alliance with our clients to solve problems of importance to them.

Treat each other well. Although we provide solutions based on technology, it is people who make the technology good and useful. By valuing people and the personal relationship and by treating one another and our clients with care and respect we accomplish much more than with a single-minded focus on technology. And it makes for a better, richer, fuller life.

Have fun. We work hard to make things better for our clients and ourselves every day and we want to enjoy the satisfaction of doing that. Work is not just the sum of our tasks, but the pleasure of working with good people toward common goals, seeing the joy and humor in the day, and laughing at ourselves.

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